A Pirate's Odyssey (IvanovaA007)

On the run from a loveless marriage, a terrible thunderous storm shipwrecks you onto a mysterious deserted island. Soon a ship appears on the horizon, but it’s waving a pirate’s flag! Experience a world of adventure as you become the ultimate pirate, learn to master your magical abilities, and uncover the secrets of your mysterious family history.

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I love this story and can’t wait for more episodes to air!
I love pirate stories and am even gearing up to write my own!
Keep up the great work

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Hi @katebryant!
It’s really nice to hear that, and I also hope to finish a few more episodes soon.

Pirate adventures can be some of the most fun to write. Anything is possible! Good luck and best wishes in writing a story of your own :blush:

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Thank you so much for your kind reply @IvanovaA007 I greatly appreciate it. And I’m excited for what you come up with!

Episode 5 is here!

In preparation for the release, I’ve made a few updates to previous chapters. Feel free to replay the series, but don’t worry, the updates will not have a major impact on the choices in EP5. This latest chapter has different pacing and style. As always, feedback is welcome!

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I just read the latest chapter and I loved it! It was super cool to see more of Henry and the jnfamous Flying Gang! I cannot wait to see what happens next

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Chapter 6
Wedding Bells is out now!

Chapter 6 is my favorite one yet. Along with a few aesthetic touch-ups to characters, this episode introduces a love triangle, some secrets and lies, and best of all, a double dream sequence. Don’t miss out on it, and as always, I would love some feedback on the episode or series.

Do you think dream sequences are overrated?

  • Yes. No more dream sequences please.
  • No, but they’re kinda boring.
  • No. I love them!

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I really enjoyed this last chapter! I’m loving the love triangle and learning more about the MC’s mother! I can’t wait for another update! Always a pleaure to read this story

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Episode 7: The Modiste

In this episode, we are introduced to Jeanette, the talented modiste and town gossip who’s earned her place on Madiana Island as one of the best dressmakers. Later, we catch up with Nicholas and tell him about the escape plan. Will he help you fool Admiral Dougal, to leave behind the engagment and the island for good?
The Modiste

Jeanette. The master modiste and Madiana’s town gossip.


I’m glad you like the series, and there’s lots more to come. In the meantime, consider checking out my other story: The Last Andorian!

The tale’s got 3 chapters so far with more on the way. It’s about an alien named Cera who’s the last of her species. She’s got a pet sidekick named Gibster and lives on a treaturous, deserted planet. Her entire life changes course when she accidentally shoots a lazer beam into the sky, catching the attention of human space explorers. It’s a sci-fi adventure/romance with wholesome and silly vibes.


This episode takes you to the masquerade ball, but not before a “chance” encounter with Admiral Dougal. In a moment of crisis, a powerful force builds inside, and urges you to release it. Will you give into the darkness and unleash your wrath? Or channel your emotions into a soothing, enveloping light to calm yourself down?

It is up to you to choose whether your awakening to elemental power takes its roots in dark or light magic. Then feast your eyes on the beautiful gowns at the ball and reunite with Victor and Genevieve, old friends from Saint-Lucia.


I really enjoy the episodes so far! I was taken by surprise by Victor! I was keeping him in one of my “maybe” love interests but I like the option of choosing to let him get who he wants or going after Nicholas. Even though the Pirate guy has my eyes v.v. I really enjoy the choices and stories though. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for reading @Simple

Sadly, this story won’t be updated further on Tales, as I’m leaving the platform. I appreciate your lovely comments. I had more chapters planned, so I’m not giving up on my stories, but rather looking for the right home for them.

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Aww, I really enjoyed the story and I am sad to see it go. I do wish you the best of luck on the continuation on your story! I hope I stumble back on it one day somewhere else then!