A Pirate's Odyssey

On the run from a loveless marriage, a terrible thunderous storm shipwrecks you onto a mysterious deserted island. Soon a ship appears on the horizon, but it’s waving a pirate’s flag! Experience a world of adventure as you become the ultimate pirate, learn to master your magical abilities, and uncover the secrets of your mysterious family history.

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I love this story and can’t wait for more episodes to air!
I love pirate stories and am even gearing up to write my own!
Keep up the great work

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Hi @katebryant!
It’s really nice to hear that, and I also hope to finish a few more episodes soon.

Pirate adventures can be some of the most fun to write. Anything is possible! Good luck and best wishes in writing a story of your own :blush:

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Thank you so much for your kind reply @IvanovaA007 I greatly appreciate it. And I’m excited for what you come up with!

Episode 5 is here!

In preparation for the release, I’ve made a few updates to previous chapters. Feel free to replay the series, but don’t worry, the updates will not have a major impact on the choices in EP5. This latest chapter has different pacing and style. As always, feedback is welcome!

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I just read the latest chapter and I loved it! It was super cool to see more of Henry and the jnfamous Flying Gang! I cannot wait to see what happens next

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Chapter 6
Wedding Bells is out now!

Chapter 6 is my favorite one yet. Along with a few aesthetic touch-ups to characters, this episode introduces a love triangle, some secrets and lies, and best of all, a double dream sequence. Don’t miss out on it, and as always, I would love some feedback on the episode or series.

Do you think dream sequences are overrated?

  • Yes. No more dream sequences please.
  • No, but they’re kinda boring.
  • No. I love them!

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I really enjoyed this last chapter! I’m loving the love triangle and learning more about the MC’s mother! I can’t wait for another update! Always a pleaure to read this story

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