A Sweet Future (TwilightInk)

In a deliciously sweet future, a set of twins, each bearing unique markers, discover a prophecy to save their world…

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- Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The New World

Chapter 2 is now live. There will be new chapters every Saturday by 9am GMT. I will respond to any and all replies on this forum as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy where this story goes and I look forward to hearing from everyone on this forum in the future.

Sorry to everyone who has started reading this series. I know I haven’t posted according to schedule lately. Truth be told there is so much going on and to say I am overwhelmed is an understatement. Today was supposed to be the beginning of the end but it was not meant to be. I did have plans to smash out episodes every day this week as an apology after I sorted out today but the universe had other plans. I am so sorry for anyone I have let down by not uploading but this is something I must deal with. If anyone has anything to ask please feel free to message me on this forum post or message me directly and I will answer as soon as I can and will check daily. Thank you for all understanding and I hope to be writing again soon. I’m sorry for not notifying people sooner.