Alphas pet (unedited version) (BioshockGrl)

Evony, the daughter of alpha kade, of the winter moon pack, is known as a spoiled, stuck up, and greedy she-wolf who doesn’t pay any mind to those around her, and often locks herself away within the packhouse. She’s often thought to be just like her father and she’s next in line to be alpha, but when a rivaling pack invades her packs territory and their alpha declares his take over of her pack, she becomes a pet to the infamous alpha Axton, rumored to be a ruthless and cruel rebel will uncover the she-wolf’s true nature and reveal her secrets to the entire pack. 18+(semi-erotic more romantic)

(warning some content may disturb readers there’s sexual themes, violence, abuse, and more, nothing extreme in my opinion it’s very mild so read at your own risk.) Enjoy~

(This isn’t edited professionally so please excuse my spelling and grammer mistakes)((Warning this is the unedited draft version of the story, i suggest looking for the newer version with better storytelling and more scenes)

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