BAZIRE (emilia0110)

wo stories, a single factor that will turn habit into love. Two men willing to do anything, one failed, we don’t know the other. Four kingdoms united by the marriage of two members of royalty, a princess and a ruler, but between that inhospitable agreed ceremony, the purest of romances arose, a love as pure as the desert itself. Zamire just wanted to prove her innocence but she was chained by the man she loves in a tower, Bazire knew what her role is among the barbarians, but she would not give up until she demonstrated her value as a woman and what she can be capable of, she promised herself not to fall into temptation but we all have a weakness and the queen’s is Amin al Maktum, heir to the throne of the Arab emirates. Will Bazire be able to bow down to Sheikh Amin?

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