Burning Waters (MHSkabelund)

A harrowing journey lies ahead. The world has been besieged by a threat that none can fight: Water. Deadly, burning water. Atha must brave the final crossing to safety. Will she be able to keep her secret hidden from her fellow travelers? What dangers await her on the other side?

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Episode 2: Chapter 2
Episode 3: Chapter 3
Episode 1: Chapter 1
Episode 4: Chapter 4
Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/xxY7tH1jKjb

I just wanted to see what the discussion button does lol.

New series!

Great first episode! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Thank you!! I forget, did you play it before?

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Episode 2 has been released! :partying_face:

hello! when will ep 3 release?

Hi! Episode 3 will be released sometime next week, I’ll post here when it’s up!

Episode 3 has been released! Hope you like it!


Episode 4 has been released!

Episode 5 is up! :partying_face:


Episode 6 has been published! I hope you are liking the story so far! :heart:

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