Carnal Coven (exquisites)

Wow amazing

So far i am enjoying this series.

love this series

Best one so far on here

love it

I hope they make more books to add to this story line. Def loved it!

What kind of story is this? Now we are forced to help a stupid witch hunter that wants to kill my kind are you kidding me?
You can not force us to help a stupid boy or I am going to stop reading this Anti Lesbian story!!!

Worst story ever! I hate to save a stupid witch hunter that tried to kill me and then you author force us to save that stupid boy instead I wanted him dead but no you want us to have disgusting sex with the stupid boy that wanted us dead why??
I would have paid 100 diamonds to kill that stupid boy for real but no not even that you allow us to have instead you force us to allow him to live with us witches for real? he have killed many witches but now you force us to be with that disgusting piece of garbage why???

V good read

Was ok

If I will be forced to be in a hetero relationship, Iā€™d stop reading.

i absolutely loved it

Last chapter. Lets see what happens.


This was good

Can anyone tell me if the keys refill or if i have to pay for new ones