Dead Rose Garden (D.K.KNIGHT1)

Jessica Dane’s future has turned upside down when her parents died in a car crash. The once former gymnast has a new guardian in a new town. Jessica does not know the secrets of the Rose Garden Hotel. They will reveal secrets and truths in this horror story as Jessica discovers the truth about her parents’ accident.

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- Chapter 1: Chapter1: Welcome to the Rose Garden Hotel
- Chapter 2: Chapter 2: New Home
- Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The Morning After
- Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Horror in the Garbage
- Chapter 5: Chapter 5: The Wrath of Winters
- Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Secrets and Horrors
- Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Fighting Back
- Chapter 8: Chapter 8: The truth and Rejection
- Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Heartless Revenge
- Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Dead Rose Garden