EXTRAS (ZacharySergi)

More please

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Hope to be able to write more soon!!

Looking forward to next part.

Thanks for letting us know!!

In chapter 9 it says ive collected all 4 shards but the shard count froze on 48 despite me collecting the max amount of shards in each episode. I also tried purchasing the max shard bonus option however it wont let me do that either???

Looking into this, thanks for reporting!

We are One

When will there be more

I know I’m sorry!! Have been pulled into deadlines on many other projects, but hope to finish the last 5 or so chapters later this year!!

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I love it would love to read more please keep me on

I hope to write more chapters as soon as I can, thank you!

Lots of fun :slight_smile:

Thank you!!




Hey, Zach Attack! im a big fan of your work!

Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

Please finish so good :blush:

Thank you for saying so!! It’s definitely on my to-do list, I promise!!

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