Irish Town (matthewmeagher)

“Irish Town” is set in the town of Ashton high in the Rocky Mountains. Ashton has seen its struggles and faces many challenges particularly from its wealthy and powerful rival, Cherry Ridge located across Powder Valley.
The novel’s protagonist, and first-person narrator, Jeremiah Connelly, tells us the story of his high school peers who hope to save Ashton from becoming a modern-day ghost town. The story deals with social issues, family problems, environmental challenges, and much more. The novel concludes with a high-stakes competition between the two towns.
Readers have enjoyed “Irish Town.” One saying, “This book is phenomenal. Very well written. Many characters that will blow your mind. You’ll love it.” Another said, “Irish Town engages the reader with a compelling setting and thought-provoking conflicts. The ideal book for independent-minded young adults looking for a cool plot and complex, relatable character.

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