Legacy Of Dr Shaw (victoriamasina)

In this psychological thriller, you’ll play the deaf wife of a psychiatrist with an ominous past. Will you survive the dangerous cat-and-mouse game, trying to uncover his twisted secret?

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/1JtrVhME1kb

Victoria, you simply have to continue this thriller! In the meantime, I’m just gonna re-read it all over again.

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Yesss, I’m so haopy that you liked it!! I can’t tell you how much this means to me! Thank you! And yes, i will continue for sure. The story is really, really good, if I may say so mysel :wink: Thank you for the wait and hang in there. I first gotta finish some other stories I’m writing on here.

So much love for this amazing story and very much enjoying having it back :heart: :two_hearts:

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Aww thank you so much! I really appreciate you commenting here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I will update as soon as I’m done with my other projects. The story is written, it’s just a matter of adapting it to Tales with branches and effects and all to make it awesome.

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will this story only be continued once eclipsis is finished, because I can’t wait to read more of it :o

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Yes, because i want to give it my full attention! :slight_smile: I’m hoping that by that time I’ll be able to add timed choices, that’s why I initially put the story on hold. Timed choices will be crucial for this story and idk how to continue without the ability to do that. Thank you so much for reading - i have the story already written down, so it’s only a matter of coding and adding branches. Once i’ll continue, it will get updated regularly! :slight_smile: No matter whether i can make choices timed or not. I’ll find a way.

I enjoy so far. Im on ep2.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I’m sorry for only three episodes out so far. This story is on hold until I’m finished with Eclipsis.

I shall wait unabashedly with jingle bells on

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I love that Victoria doesnt draw it out before the exciting stuff happens

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nope, i’m getting right to it lmao… same with The Last Covenant, and with Eclipsis it’s gonna be a massive slow burn, but worth it :wink:

gods, i hope it won’t take me too long to get back to it :sweat_smile:

This one of my favorite books on here so far please finish soon and if you havent write more stories this a great lmk if you have published anymore story choice games

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much :relaxed: I put this story on hold to concentrate on Eclipsis, another story I have on here, because it has a lot more fans eager for me to continue :sweat_smile: It’s a slow-burn historical romance that gets very steamy, and I’m currently working on ep 24. I also wrote a commissioned story for Tales - The Last Covenant. It’s an erotica vampire romance and completed, but has only 5 episodes. Those two stories are massively branched. Then I have a completed linear story: Chickie Brombach (a comedy, 12 episodes), and a bunch of short stories (1 ep): Blood Moon (a steamy werewolf story), Lullaby, When You Read This, and I’m Waiting (all three are Horror shorts), Speed Cute, and Lovebugs (those two are romance shorts.)

Please continue this one too I really want you to finish it it’s my favorite so far

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Oh, I will definitely finish it! The story itself is already written, since it’s one of my screenplays that I’m adapting into an interactive story.

I can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

seems good, hope there will come more chapters