Love trip in nature (Ahmed1)

There was a young man and a girl who lived in a small town, they had known each other since childhood and were best friends. The girl grows up and becomes interested in art and literature, while the young man loves sports and adventures.

One day, the young man decided to take the girl on a trip to the mountains, where they spent a whole day enjoying the beautiful nature and beautiful scenery. And at night, they decided to stay in a small camp at the top of the mountain.

The night was very cold and the young man was worried about the girl, so he decided to hug her to make her feel warm. At that moment, the young man felt that his heart was beating wildly and that this feeling he had for the girl was not just friendship, but the feeling of true love.

Since then, the young man and the girl began a unique romantic relationship. This love had a spiritual and philosophical dimension, as the young man taught the girl how to enjoy sports and adventures, and the girl taught the young man how to enjoy art and literature.

Years passed and the relationship between them grew stronger and deeper, and one day, the young man decided to ask the girl’s hand in marriage. Since then, the young man and the girl have lived a happy life full of love, adventures, art and literature, and they always remember that cold night that brought them together in the mountains, which was the beginning of their romantic journey.

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