Lycan Legacy (Nethmi)

For generations, the Lycan family has been the most powerful and influential werewolf pack in the world. Their bloodline is said to be blessed by the moon goddess herself, giving them strength, agility, and a deep connection to the natural world.

But as the modern era dawns, the Lycans find themselves facing new challenges. Their rivals, both human and supernatural, are growing stronger and more numerous by the day. Meanwhile, some members of the family are beginning to question their strict hierarchy and traditions, and long-held secrets threaten to tear the pack apart.

Amidst this turmoil, the youngest members of the Lycan family must find their place in the pack and decide what kind of legacy they want to leave behind. Will they follow in their ancestors’ footsteps and fight to maintain their dominance, or will they forge a new path that embraces cooperation and unity with other creatures of the night? And as the full moon rises and tensions escalate, will the Lycan family be able to survive the challenges that lie ahead and preserve their legendary legacy?

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- Chapter 1: The Bite
- Chapter 2: The Pack
- Chapter 3: The Hunt
- Chapter 4: The Council
- Chapter 5: Betrayal
- Chapter 6: The Prophecy
- Chapter 7: The Escape
- Chapter 8: A Lycan Love Story
- Chapter 9: The Battle for the Lycan Legacy

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