M.A.D. Mutually Assured Destruction (elrivers)

Snippet for Tales’ “Let’s go Brains!” contest.

Autumn Solomon has always been a loner. It’s how she prefers to live her life. Especially since surviving a global cannibalistic plague. After her life was turned upside down, she vowed to keep everyone at arm’s length. She built walls to keep out the hordes of bloodthirsty corpses, as well as the remaining survivors.

Sawyer Bryant hopelessly clings to the notion the world will return to its former glory. Where everyone else has given up, he maintains a positive outlook despite everything he’s lost. His naïve optimism rubs pessimistic realist Autumn all the wrong ways. Trapped in a world where they could die at any moment, she wants nothing more than to forget the irrational man.

The harder Autumn tries to push him away, the harder Sawyer falls for her. With the wavering promise of tomorrow lingering by a frayed thread, Sawyer reminds Autumn the difference between living, cherishing her life, and not simply trying to survive.

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