Roommate part 1 (h.agasha)

After I graduated from university and found a job, I started searching for a suitable house close to the work area, so that everything would be easier for me. After a very long search, I found a house nearby, but there was a small story in it, which is that the house had been empty for about 20 years.
I am one of those people who do not believe the stories of jinn attacking humans for no reason, or this was my thinking about the past before what happened to me.
The first time I visited the house and saw it, it was in a deplorable state, frankly, the walls were damp and the paint was peeling, the floor tiles were very old, there were no furniture at all, the kitchen was worn out, the windows were worn out, and the ceiling had been exposed for a long time.
I asked for specialized workers for all these matters, and we agreed on a date, and they started working day and night.
After about 6 months, the house is ready in all respects, and it is ready for living.
I moved my things, prepared myself, and settled there.
At first, I was very happy with the house because I chose the decoration according to my taste, and I was so happy that I forgot that the house was empty and did not pay attention to the news.
At first, my friends came to visit me and see the house and how it turned out.
I went back to my routine of work and sitting by myself. Periods passed for me to stay at home for two days without going anywhere.
The thing I was most happy about at home was the light sensor in front of my room. When it detected movement, it turned on by itself.
Almost two months later, winter came. At that time, I loved a cat. I named her Samia. The first time Samia came to the house, I never missed her in the guest room. Every time she approached the room, signs of fear appeared on her. I was surprised at first, but then Samia and I did not approach the room to avoid any situations. mo necessary.
When winter almost started, every two or three days I heard the sound of movement and banging on the roof of the house!
Note that my house was only one floor, as soon as I heard the sound, I went to the roof to see if there was anyone above, but the idea is that there was no one at all!! And the air is impossible to make such a sound.
When the sound became repeated a lot, I got used to it and kept trying to hum it.
One day I came home from work, but there was some work left and I was finishing it at home.
I went to my room, closed the windows and the door, turned on the heating, and Samia was in the room with me, asleep. Suddenly, the handle of the door came down and the door opened by itself!!!
And the strangest thing is that the sensor in front of my room never worked and was turned off!!!
I went outside to see why this happened, and as soon as I got out of the room, the light turned on! I mean, the light wasn’t off!!
And the thing that opened the door was never a living being!!!
It was something completely different, of course I didn’t find anything and the house was empty as usual, but when I came back I found Samia awake and her facial expressions were never reassuring!
She was looking at something standing behind my opinion, and she was very afraid, and her actions were never explained!!!
I tried to guide her to sleep, and after a while, I fell asleep, and Samia followed her.
After this situation that happened for a while, it was on Thursday and I came back to the house and I wanted to watch a movie in the evening, after I finished the movie at 12 o’clock I went to sleep, I woke up after midnight at 3:17 it was very cold and I found the door open I went out to the kitchen and found the kitchen window open and he was missing strong!!
How did the door and window open when I was intoxicated with everything!??
This should not have happened! I was shocked a lot
I returned everything as it was and went back to my room, and here it was a bigger shock!!
All the toys and statues that I put in the room were looking at me with a very strange look!!!
The first thing my eyes lied because now I woke up.
But the situation has become repeated every Thursday at exactly the same time!!!
I became very curious to know what was going on in my room while I was sleeping. I bought a camera that records the night with sound and installed it in my room and downloaded a program on it so that when there is a movement other than mine and Samia, a notification will come to my mobile soon.
It was Thursday, and I slept, and the situation was repeated, but this time all the windows in the house were open, and the look of the toys in my room was a frightening look mixed with anger!!
Honestly, I couldn’t see the camera’s recording at night, I waited until the morning and saw the recording, but I wish I hadn’t seen it!!!
Recording was normal until 3:17
The door of the room opened and something passed into my room. I could not know what it was in the first place, and it was approximately 3 meters long!!

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