systematic revenge

I will hang your noose
between the letters of my poem
I will practice criminal Vic
Rather, I will be creative in my crime
And before that, I will flog you without mercy
You are my prisoner today.
You are mine and you are my hostage.
on your whining…
I will dance and dance
I will drink my coffee and read
Carelessly my newspaper
I will stifle you every smile
I will violate my law in you
And I will commit…
The culprit of your tears forcibly
I will heal and laugh
And I repeat my mantra
I will disfigure your moon face
I will cut you to pieces
I distribute it around my city
I will burn every sweat in you
I promise to make you…
Curse the joy in my eyeballs
I will massacre you
No excuse, no excuse
I will make you ask in spite of yourself
The right to take refuge in my tomb
I will enjoy your wailing until I am satisfied
I will spill your blood in the middle of my room
I’ll let the birds peck your head.
Yes I will leave it…
I will make you an example even to my tribe
I will make you ask for a quick death
Without mercy, I will take back my rights
I will take my case.
How come you tell me…
How did you entertain yourself
You mean, how dare you…?!
You break my lipstick
After I baked it…
time in my bag?!
Die hardhearted die
I swear I will crush you…
No matter how much I say repentance, my lord
Mercy, my princess.