The 26 and friends (WolfDream)

The 26 series follows the journey of young eight year old Darius who just wants a friend to play with since his older brother passed when he was six. One birthday wish however changes the course of his destiny, and fourteen year old Ruby comes to life. It’s all unicorns and rainbows for the duo, sadly; for upon summoning her, she will slowly lose eight traits in Eight years that make her whole. That is unless Darius can help Ruby remember who she was.

“Promise me one thing, Darius.”

“What’s that, Mr. Ghost.”

“For every trait my daughter loses, help her learn two more.”

With this chip on Darius’ shoulder, he must keep his promise, but also help Ruby keep hers. It won’t be easy but along the way Darius will meet friends old and new to help guide him and Ruby in what they ought to know. Learning life lessons everyday and picking up new skills, can Darius keep his promise to Mr. Ghost or will Rubys’ joys at a new life overwhelm even his judgement?

(The reason this is titled short stories, is well; the chapters are shorter then most. Quantity over quality, right? Nah. I say I can give you quality and quantity. Less=more!! That’s why the first few stories will get you a sense of why you love short stories, then when you get to the 26, instead of short stories, you get short chapters; giving you more then enough time in your busy lives to read, enjoy, and learn, while also getting back to real life, not missing a beat.