The Last Andorian (IvanovaA007)

Cera is the last of her kind. In her search to find the mother planet of the Andorian people, she may find something she didn’t expect: friendship, love, and family.

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Very nicely done! A compelling story with remarkable visual and auditory elements. I even found a tear in my eye ( from dust of course because, you know, I’m a guy and we don’t cry at that stuff), when… I don’t want to spoil it. Well done and when’s the next episode? Lastly, I guess I need to learn hiw to code because I saw some elements I don’t recognize from the standard selections.

Thanks for reading!

This story started as a short for February’s month-long creation challenge in the Discord community. I was given a choice of backgrounds to choose from and a prompt — the rest was up to me. I’m thinking of adapting it into a longer series (maybe adding a few choices — a pick your own adventure type deal).

Cera’s life on Andor needs fleshing out too, don’t you think? Since publishing it, I feel that her leaving the home planet was rushed. There’s so much more to explore and tell about the creatures and how she’s survived on the planet by herself.

It did feel a bit rushed and I figured it blossomed from a short story.
You definitely have a good foundation for something larger. I know I’m hooked. Keep it going!

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