The Otherly (milleanne)

Two ladies from very diverse backgrounds have more in common than meets the eye. They are enthusiastic about enhancing the quality of life for the people, they desire to serve on the Board, and they even believe in the value of higher education.
The thing is… they also love the same man.
Tauri Reid is a college student who comes from the Commons with a distaste for the Wealthy.
Aliyah Coffey is a Missus living in High Society. She’s always lived a life of luxury, but nothing material is as valuable to her as her marriage to Kaede Coffey, a well-respected member of the Board.
Things turn when Tauri accepts an offer into a secret society, known as the Otherly, which caters to the specific needs of the wealthy in High Society. The paths of these two women eventually cross when Kaede meets Tauri and after becoming curious about what this secret society has to offer, both ladies will find themselves competing for the love of Kaede.