The Red Dawn

At their postgraduate levels of education, the Nthanda siblings, Marjani and Sharik, discover that they are not like others given that they seem to possess unusual abilities. After telling their single father about it, he reveals to them that their late mother wasn’t from the human world but from a supernatural world known as “Thionne”.

Of course they do not understand this at all and are in disbelief. Their father further tells them that it is time for them to go to a college that is a “Thionnese school” found in the human world but that is hidden to the human eye. It is known as “Thionnese University Of Practical Arts” (TUPA).

Once there, the siblings’ lives change forever. As they train to learn how to handle powers/gifts that seem to be increasing by day, they discover that they perhaps might be demigods or more. Along the way, they fight wars and find love. Marjani, finds herself in a fated love triangle with two gods.

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