The Sacrifice (jayleefishhugs)

Bliss is a troubled girl who has grown up alone, unwanted and unloved her entire life. Then she meets the vampire that has haunted her nights for years. Killing her each night in her dreams. He is real, as she always knew he was. Will he close the circle of fate? Or will the longing she harbors for him, set her free? He must choose between ultimate immortal power and the love of the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen. Everything has a cost.
Love or Sacrifice?

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- Chapter 1: Stone
- Chapter 2: She Cries for You
- Chapter 3: Face to Face
- Chapter 4: A Dream
- Chapter 5: She is Dying
- Chapter 6: We Are Done
- Chapter 7: I Really Am Here
- Chapter 8: The One She Should Fear