The Time We Had (roseescribbles)

once upon a time,
there were two souls who vowed
they would hold each other’s hand
and never give up on what they had

he tried to be with her,

but she was not always there,
so one day he left,
and she was full of regrets.
she waited for him to come back,
but he never did
so in the end, she got tired,
and finally said goodbye
she started to walk away,
and both started to find their own ways

THE TIME WE HAD is Lolita Rose Petalver’s debut book published on selected self-pub platforms on the 13th of March year 2023.

It consists of poetries and diary entries revolving around the character who’s struggling on overcoming betrayals, hopelessness, sadness, and being lost.

If you love to read poetries and diary entries with storylines, this is the right book for you.

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- Chapter 1: how many times did you hope?
- Chapter 2: when’s the last time you longed for someone?
- Chapter 3: how long did you wait?
- Chapter 4: now, it’s time to accept while carrying your scars
- Chapter 5: and don’t forget to thank yourself for being so strong
- Chapter 6: continue walking with no one’s hand to hold