The Walk (Tales)

Years after a super virus pushed the remains of humanity into a walled civilization, a group journeys outside to save their home… and uncover the lies that built it.

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In episode 6, when it showed Paul talking, it had Robert’s face on it instead of Paul’s. Maybe fix that?


forwarded it to the Team :slight_smile: Thank you for reporting, they are already working on it! :smiley:

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Yeah for me it showed roberts name and picture so im so confused.


Aaaand episode 7 is doing the same thung roberts picture and name where pauls should be, the two ronertsbis really throwing me off guys


Yeah, the Team looks into it, but it looks like one of those weird bugs that doesn’t make any sense, cause everything was handled correctly lol but then this happens and no one can explain it :smiley:

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We figured out the issue and looks like it’s a technical problem. No ETA on the fix but will be part of a larger set of improvements!


So is ever chapter after chaper 6 going to have this issue?

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What if i restart the whole story? Its just throwing me off innever know whos saying what

So is that issue with Paul’s picture ever goong to be fixed or is it just inevitible that it wont be?

We’ll absolutely fix it! At the moment we don’t have an eta.

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I love the game were you get to make toure own choices

I like thw character depth and relationship thought that is in this story as well as the engaging plot

I’ve read this story twice!

Its the best


Arachybutyrophobia plus brains.


It says i didnt tell paul i had spots, but i am pretty sure that i did and he treated me for them back at the base. Whats up with that? Larson Kanold 112222

Cool Spot, a sega game from the 90s.