Werewolves Midnight Love (Andreaa)

When a full moon rises, you are waiting for the person to appear.

Diana looks at the bright and shining full moon, she falls asleep. Wake up in an unknown place. Diana is on the sun lounger.

Walking along the beautiful bright moon on a romantic beach when the moon rises, the sweet aroma in the air. Oceanfront resort features spacious overwater pool villas with palm trees surrounding them. A premium pool villa that is private with a full sea view.

A handsome beautiful man approaches you.

Experiencing the dream in reality or is it just a dream?

Diana ~ Student
Conri ~ Werewolf Alpha
Lowe ~ Werewolf Omega
Alice ~ Diana’s good friend
Tommy ~ Conri’s good friend
Edward ~ Detective
John ~ Case Related
James ~ Warning Diana to surrender the item
Dolph ~ Werewolf Alpha. Dolph knows Conri. He loves Alice.

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