Werewolves Midnight Love (Andreaa)

When a full moon rises, the hair on the back of your neck will stand up. You might start to feel a little uncomfortable, and you’ll want to get away from that creepy guy wearing all black.

You might even feel like running away and hiding, but you know that’s not going to help.

The only solution is to fight back. Your best bet is to find a cute werewolf to bite you. That’s right, your best bet is to find a cute omega werewolf.

You didn’t know the creepy guy wearing all black isn’t a human. Will he protect you or harm you in the end?

Diana ~ Student
Conri ~ Werewolf Alpha
Lowe ~ Werewolf Omega
Alice ~ Diana’s good friend
Tommy ~ Conri’s good friend
Edward ~ Detective
John ~ Case Related
James ~ Warning Diana to surrender the item
Dolph ~ Werewolf Alpha. Dolph knows Conri. He loves Alice

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