A Bloody Engagement (SirAggy)

A priest needs to exorcise a home, but the spirits have one request: solve a 200-year-old murder.

Margaret, the murdered spirit, had died the day before her wedding. She faces the reality that one of her family members, fiancé, or best friend pushed her through a window. Every spirit within the house is a suspect, and they all have secrets they intend to keep beyond the grave. You have a duty to remove these spirits peacefully, but hate and vengeance can survive many lifetimes…

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/y488SB8vHsb

Chapter 2 releasing in a few weeks!


Josephine is such a great character! I cant wait for Chapter 2!!

I cannot wait for Chapter 2! I totally called out Jensen before Josephine did!

My money is on Justine. she has such an attitude. Also doesnt make sense why would Josephine kill Margaret. cant wait for the next chapter!!

There will be five chapters total, with the fifth allows you to choose who you think killed Margaret. Each ending will be different based on who you chose, and if you choose correctly, you are given confirmation.

My initial suspect has moved down the list.

I’m sus of all of them!! LOL - can’t wait for ep 4!

wow! i did not see that coming. I was way off, Love it! So sad its over though I want more!

It wasn’t easy. I almost chose the wrong one, glad you gave us chance to reconsider, so I went back and picked the right one. Thanks for creating this book/game.

It is amazing, surpises and all. Everything fits!