A Color Pencil's Journey (sharikamandyam)

Red is dying. Purple embarks on a journey to save her friend. First, she has to find out how to save her friend. She goes to the wise but dangerous Stapler, who reveals the secret treasure. Only problem, the pencil sharpener is 3 aisles away. Her sidekick, Green, grudgingly helps her find a pencil sharpener. Along the way, they meet Eraser who helps protect them from any danger. On their journey, they meet a group of gangster Sharpies, helpful Scissors which everyone thought were evil, and a store full of customers, where they need to stay out of sight so a human doesn’t get them. Finally, once they reach the pencil sharpener, they meet the guardians of the treasure, who are not willing to give it up.

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/CWxmPaYiKpb