A Latte of Love (GloriaHerrmann)

When life hands you lemons, the right guy needs to be there to make the lemonade.

Life isn’t just handing Mackenzie lemons—more like chucking them at her. With the recent tragic death of her baby sister, her best friends both getting married and her feeling even more alone than ever, Mackenzie has had about all she can take.

Why can’t she find the right guy? Her besties, Molly and Tiffany, are determined to help her, but little do they know he may already have arrived. The man who had dashed all of Mackenzie’s dreams of the perfect happily ever after is back and this time for good. Gideon’s return flips her world upside down in more ways than she can count. Why does life have to be so darn complicated?

Afternoon lattes and Friendship Fridays with her girlfriends are all that seem to help Mackenzie survive her insane rollercoaster of single life. Once worried that she’d wind up an old maid or a crazy cat lady, Mackenzie reluctantly finds herself back on the dating scene.

She juggles some new romances and one not-so-new one, discovering that there’s A Latte of Love out there.

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