A Newbie in TalesCreator with Technical Questions

Hello all,

I am Menelaos from Greece.

I believe I will have to get accustomed with tutorials and documentation as I have 4-5 books under my belt right now.

So far I have uploaded the 3 of them. Questions:

1.) Do you accept screenplays? Hoe does your platform going to format and accept movie formats?

2.) Can I create a game like experience for my books - they are stated in your shop as books - without having to branch anything? Meaning, the story doesn’t include branches, it’s short story and novellas. Can it flow as a game as I see in other ventures, without the end user having to make choices of how to progress?

3.) I want a lot more than putting mere backgrounds in my story. So far I have seen your tutorial with putting backgrounds. Why can’t I put a background at the beginning of the script but instead of that it appears in the 2nd paragraph? Do I have to fracture it more? What advice can you give me in terms of going above mere backgrounds?

4.) Can I shift from the book experience to the game experience?

Looking forward for your lights

Thanks in advance

Menelaos Gkikas