A Peculiar Count In Time (beutymhill)

Convinced she’s met a mysterious alchemist, the Count of St. Germain, nearly a century after his death, Isabella must cross space & time to prove it. From Atlantis to the Ottomans, the Himalayas, Europe, & the Americas, time is on her side…or is it?

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/QEukVBiE1kb

Hi, will it be continued? or is there already the full version somewhere?

Hi! Super stoked for your interest. It will be continued very soon :blush:

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while the story is great the diamond choices reset as if they were never picked and we have to spend more diamonds.

Its great story so far

like it

This is rlly good! :slight_smile:


Are there going to be more chapters soon please

best one so far for me! sooo intrigued with this kind of mystery