Abou Kaf part 1 (true story)

This story is about an issue that preoccupied public opinion in Egypt throughout the month of April (1980) and thereafter, because a man diagnosed the diseases that some people suffer from and prescribed for them the treatment and medicine that heals them and relieves them of their suffering. Their pain, and he is almost illiterate, and the name of this man is Abd al-Aziz Muslim Shadid Abu Kaf, and his nickname is “Abu Kaf.” Kaf means “(The palm of the hand)”
He is thirty years old. A stray shrapnel hit him in the spine during the War of Attrition on the Suez Canal Front, and the injury resulted in paralysis in his legs, so he left the armed forces and returned to his village to live with his mother and brothers…and one night, “Abu Kaf” was suffering from distress and insomnia when he was surprised by a woman wearing a white jilbab, and her head was wrapped in a white piece. At first, the woman seemed like a picture of smoke drawn on the wall. Then soon that picture materialized, and she slowly walked towards his bed and said to him: “I need to cure you of paralysis, but on one condition.” But the boy did not respond because the terror held his tongue and the sweat poured from his forehead and chest until he wet his clothes. He can’t tells his family members, and they accuse him of being insane. and the next night, the need returned again, and on the third night, he asked her what she want! , and she said: marry my daughter because she is the only one who can make uou happy.

So he asked her to give him time to think, and “Abu Kaf” was keen after that. to go to bed early every night and lock his door inside with the key, and the woman and her daughter would go out to him from the wall and stay with him until dawn, eating together and talking, and the girl was beautiful in appearance, graceful in body, open in femininity, calm, soft, delicate, warm, as Abu Kaf describes it, and Abu Kaf told the woman that he had accepted to marry her daughter, and the next night the marriage took place, and music resounded in the corners of the room, and the bride marched to the groom to the beat of tambourines, and the groom could hardly embrace his bride in bed (after he had The need left them until he felt life running through his paralyzed legs… On the next day, the mother of “Abi Kaf” and his brothers rejoiced in his recovery when they saw him walking on his feet, but he did not reveal his secret to anyone except that the joy did not take place and the young man’s behavior changed completely;he spent all the day in his room, which he rarely left, where he ate and bathed and spent his day and night. He was behind her door, and when his brothers noticed him talking to people they could not see, they thought he had lost his mind. As for him, he was happy with his beautiful bride. Within two years, he had two children with her, and although his wife and two children were with him, he was the only one who could see them and hear their voices. One night, the woman visited him and told him that she had decided to take him as a mediator who would help her heal the sick among human beings. and from it he began practicing his new activity in treating patients, and he was able to cure cases of infertility and paralysis, and diseases of the liver, kidneys, and chest, and he performed successful surgeries, such as the appendix operation and the removal of breast cancer, and he charged the patient twenty-five piastres for the examination.

to be continued…