Accidental Goddess (leahdenman)

The recipe for galactic peace? Five alien rulers and one goddess. The catch? Instead of a goddess they got… you. Keeping the peace sounds easy, until you’ve got five handsome alien rulers all falling for you. Which one will you choose? Or will you end up with all of them?

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There literally hasnt been an update for months…its not that hard to write a chapter


You obviously don’t know how hard it is to write. They are probably having a writer’s block which many writers tend to have. Its hard to get the creative juices flowing sometimes it takes day, months, or years. Get over yourself and wait like the rest of us. Its comments like this that causes writers to abandoned their stories.


is this story going to be continued ?

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Girl the writer should just say they arent writing it anymore then…? Its literally been like half a year


We will definitely be continuing this series! Waiting is the worst - but we hope to steal some more of Leah’s precious time so we can get some more episodes… and a FINALE. We’ll pass on the word that y’all are eager and impatient :wink:


I like this!!!

This story is great! Loving it so far

c9ol story

nice story

I like this story.

i really likes 8


Looks great

i liked the first chapter !

i liked it

a cool story


Is this story offically orphaned?

Good story