Am I A F*&#ing Bet?! (sarahschembri)

Quiet but incredibly talented at the potter’s wheel, you’ve spent your high school years nose down and building your portfolio - knowing a scholarship will be the only way you’re getting into your dream art school. Imagine your dismay when, during your last semester, you’re required to mentor failing art student, smoking-hot Ricky Alvez. No good Ricky Alvez. The very Ricky Alvez you crushed hard on all through grade school. That very Ricky Alvez that kissed you in front of your entire class in the 6th grade and absolutely humiliated you. Snarky, cynical and absolutely deserving of a failing grade, you know tutoring this lost cause may increase your chances of admittance. But can you keep your heart locked tight so as not to be swayed by his charms? And also…why is he even attempting to charm you?

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