Amply Rewarded (DestinyMoon)

She can have any man or woman she pleases, but what about her own husband?

When Julie’s first beau proposes marriage at a young age, she knows she needs to set out on her own to discover what life has to offer.

She finds companionship and financial stability when she meets a madame, her first big-city friend. It doesn’t take long for her to realise she possesses a kinky mind and is capable of bringing even the toughest man to his knees.

One day she meets a kindred spirit, a man as kinky as she is who offers her a new life. He isn’t after her sexually, as he is more interested in men, but he is amused by her and they genuinely connect. She helps him to realise his fantasies with men. She marries him for money. He marries her for appearances, especially where his benefactor is concerned.

To the outside world, they appear glitzy and collected but, behind their glamorous veneers, each one embarks on their own sexual adventure.

As the intimacy of sharing their fantasy lives with each other strengthens and grows, Julie begins to desire her own husband more and more. Because she believes she cannot have him, she yearns for him in ways that haunt her and take over her fantasies.

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This is just the most awful thing i’ve ever read. You want to write a novel from the pov of a person who has a complete lack of morals and emotional empathy, that’s fine. But your pacing is way too fast, your character motivations are cliché but also underdeveloped. Everyone is one dimensional including the protaganist. All the characters seem to have a single character trait and that’s it. You also write social interaction like someone who has seen movies but never been outside, told you about what they thought humans speaking to each other would look like. No conversations seems natural, people don’t talk like your characters do, no one has reasoning skills. All of this is such a mess it feels like satire. But why write a story as a parody in this format? No, I think you are just an incredibly poor writer and are accidently offensive to anyone who has ever read a single real book.

Interesting story