Any Star Trek DS9 Fans?

I like to leave 80s-90s Star Trek series on the background while I’m working (err, fixing bugs in TalesCreator). Lately I’m rewatching DS9 and finished the iconic episodes “Past Tense” and “Far Beyond the Stars” again.

It’s sobering and ironic how the plots in those episodes are acutely present in today’s world. Science Fictions’ power to explore current societal issues under the veil of a fictitious world has always been the reason why I love the genre so much. But when writers borrow a pinch of time travel element to weave in historical fiction plots, that make it even more powerful.

Any DS9 fans out there watched those episodes lately? How do those episodes resonated with you this time around?


I’m a huge DS9 fan. Both of those episodes are iconic. I actually watched The Quickening with my daughter to help explain the difference between a vaccine and a cure. DS9 was way ahead of it’s time.

I would not be surprised if the Bell Riots become prophetic.

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