Apex Predators (lenanguyen)


Most enjoyable, wish I could experience more - or at least again.

This is such a great concept, and so exciting! I’m addicted!

This is a nice story, I like a story that has a multiple endings!

I love this story so much! It made me come back to the app. I hope its continued.

Nick is my favorite boy! I think this is the best written story on Tales.

this one’s my favourite story on this app by far



Love how it shows stats at the end

any news on next update?

Love the story line

Can’t wait for the rest of the storyline!

i remember when this was in choicescript

love this story so much !

This is great

loved it since I tried the first demo, and honestly this story was the reason I started using Tales at all. I’m beyond excited to see where it will lead

I like it

so good