Ashen Skies (k.marie.johnson)

Years after nuclear wars forced the United States into a dystopian future, hippy mom Rachel learns there is one universal truth to her new world: To survive, you must be willing to bathe in blood.

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:eyes: What kind of parenting style did ppl select at first? Cautious, amiable, or tenacious?

I went with cautious because i’m nervous af that i’m going to screw this kid up :joy:

Just finished the first chapter and am hooked! I chose to be amiable to avoid conflicts. I’m already so attached to the family so far.


Amiable was my second choice! Yeah, the family vibes are strong right off the bat. How did you handle telling the boys what was going on?

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I told them the truth about the bombing. I figured it was best to trust their opinions and ideas. Also to not have them accuse me of hiding things from them especially since they look up to me.


Yes! Good point. I’m wondering how long we’ll have to stay in the bunker :grimacing:

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We did a live read for this story a while back. We only got to episode 3 (someone shared it) but I’m curious to know what ending I will get, especially when there are 16 possible endings! I need to know what happens once we leave the bunker.


I started the story a while ago, then my progress was lost because of an app glitch. This time, I’m going to finish it. :slight_smile: So well done. I feel absolutely immersed in the events. :scream:


I’m loving this series! The relationships and situations are real and presented in a way that makes you feel like you’re actually there making these important decisions! I haven’t finished yet, but I’m certainly hooked!


I’ve read it TWICE! I love this type of stories. It doesn’t get any more perfect for an IF adventure - survival in group dynamics, figuring out who you can trust, making choices that will bite you in the butt later… So nerve racking but oh soooo good!


I really love how true to parenting this story is! Lots of stories really fumble this, but this one really captures it. I really feel like the character when playing.


Love this story!

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loved this story

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super good so far


This story is very interesting

Feels like a story perfect for what’s happening in the world today

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Can’t wait to read this

i like it