Be The Hero (ProjectMarbles)

In Deodur City, there exists a hero with the power to create anything from his mind! Tech-Soul! A hero who promised to save 28 people every day! You are that hero!

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- Chapter 1: We Start in Flames
- Chapter 2: And we End in Them Too
- Chapter 3: But our flames are what REMAKES us.
- Chapter 4: The Woman Who Shook the Earth!
- Chapter 5: Who is Terraspace?!
- Chapter 6: Tech-Soul vs Terraspace!
- Chapter 7: Breaking News! Making Waves!
- Chapter 8: High Definition Attacks!
- Chapter 9: All The World’s a Stage! Tech-Soul vs Eye-Wave!
- Chapter 10: Tech-Soul’s Long Day!
- Chapter 11: Attracting nothing but bad news!
- Chapter 12: Enter E!
- Chapter 13: Now it’s 29.
- Chapter 14: Four Robberies and a Superhero Fight!
- Chapter 15: When Tech-Soul met…
- Chapter 16: Couple’s Counseling
- Chapter 17: Clueless
- Chapter 18: The Tech-Soul Express
- Chapter 19: The Clashing of Creation & Destruction!
- Chapter 20: The Coming Ice Age! Tech-Soul vs. Blight-Rage!






this game is good keep up the good work and the fact that a coworker wanted to become a sidekick really draws focus from batman

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Always like myself a superhero story. only problem (you don’t have to change anything), is that I kind of wish pronouns were used less than what they are, but I have nothing against the author. Not trying to be hateful either.

Do you mean she reminds you of Oracle or Robin?

i was thinking more along the lines of batman telltale joker vigilante

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How so? I haven’t played it

well in the tell tale series joker starts as a john doe and what you say or do to him can influence him and if you influence him he goes from fanboy to someone who wants to be like you it is on youtube you can look it up

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Thanks for the explanation though I think she’s more like Oracle, seeing as she’s the “tech support” for lack of a better word, and doesn’t go out in the field (not like Ryder). Unless she does later. I’m only on chapter 3

the person u r talking bout is the cousin and the coworker later in 22

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I knew who I was talking about but thanks anyway

my apologies there are alot of characters in this game

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No need to apologize. After all, I am only on chapter 3 anyway I think.

sorry i couldn’t play the story someone is confusing me with they when its a she or he when i look as they i think oh so its 3 4 people but nope its one on one so i didn’t like it super confusing

ya me too its just confusing keeps saying they them when is literally talking about him and her or him him or her her so this hole they them is forgive me but is confusing so i didn’t like it

Love the story