Betrayal (Pelaam)

Zale Zelinski is a billionaire, and pack Alpha Tawera is a runaway fae. Their worlds are about to collide in more ways than one.

Zale Zelinski is a CEO, a playboy, a pack Alpha and a billionaire. When attacks are made on livestock in nearby farms, suspicion falls on the shifter community.

Tawera, one of the patupaiarehe of the nearby forest, is horrified to find his family is planning his marriage—one he doesn’t want. He runs away to hide in the human world.When the two meet, instinct takes over before both recover their wits. But when they meet again, Tawera recognizes that Zale is the mate he has dreamed of.

However, while there’s danger nearby, Zale keeps Tawera at arm’s length, prepared to let him—as well as others—think he feels nothing.

Time is against them as Zale slowly uncovers a nest of betrayal, treachery and murder. Then his enemies strike at those dearest to him.

Even if Zale can track down those responsible for the attacks and bring them to account, can he keep the love of an increasingly estranged Tawera—or will he lose him forever?

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