Blood in the Water (NaomiLae)

I need more episodes BADLY!! :sob: Definitely one of the best stories on the app. I crave more. I crave it like a vampire craves blood… I wished that the stories wouldn’t disappear from the continue reading list once the reader has caught up devouring all available chapters. I want it as a constant reminder so I can bug you for more episodes on a regular basis. :rofl:


One of my favorites, too. Idk where my previous comment has gone but it doesn’t matter. Just want to share some love because this story definitely deserves it!

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Pretty good so far, lots of twists and turns

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That is very cool and mysterous stoy!

Really love this story!! Definitely one of my favourites

good story

This story is really good, keep it up!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments everyone! Episode fourteen is finally out! Hopefully the wait won’t be nearly as long for the next one :smiley:

One of my favorites

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Oh :heart: thank you! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it.

Let the body hit the floor

Ugh, i’m on the edge of my seat!!! :face_with_peeking_eye: And lol, last stats about convincing crew members, i convinced some of them - but 99% of readers didn’t even try??? Lmao - trying to convince them was the first thing i chose. I clicked that button without contemplation. It’s the decent thing to do. I can’t believe that so many just didn’t care lol - i was scared, too, but i’m no coward. I love the story!!! <3

Interesting story!

Nice story, just a shame i need to wait every other day to get a key

Amazing, i love the fact that you have so many choices

Just read the last episode! Very exciting, when is the next one cominh?