Blood Sigil (shaerossi)

Cassiane’s life was never normal, but add magic, murder, mystery, and romance to the mix, and things are about to get a lot more interesting.

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This story is awesome :hugs::hugs:


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digging the story so far!! Cass is a great character


Love the story and the character interactions


Yay!! What is your favorite thing about her? Something you find particularly relatable or fun to read?

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Same! Who is your fav character so far?

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Just read the first chapter and already am so interested in Cass’s background. Her intentions and denial about magic makes her own powers so much more meaningful!

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I really hope there are going to be more chapters.

Love it so far

Curious when its gonna update


I’m loving the story, I am so invested in the history and background of the characters

I loke


More chapters pleaseM

I really like this story

I hope more chapters are coming soon.