Bloody Heiress (frankrayard)

When you and your sister are invited to your long-lost grandmother’s mansion, you don’t expect to be forced to play deadly games for a chance at her fortune. Can you survive long enough to keep your family safe?

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Cant wait for second chapter

This is so good, waiting for 2nd chapter ! :slight_smile:

When is chapter 2 coming out?

When will more charpter come out???


This is so much fun! :star_struck:

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good start !

Good series im enjoying it

This is enjoyable

Out cousins are so brutal, willing tl murder us without hesitation lol

So great


Did he get arsoned?

What dies “a” stand for?
What does “b” stand for?
That one was clever
What does “c” stand for?
Commit arson
What does the letter D stand for?
Don’t come near me I’m gonna commit arson

Sorry i saw a short and this applies

why paid

love it, from the 1st episode i was pratically addicted


Good story