Boundless Hope (DaniRose)

Sellie steps onto the path of BDSM with Kyle. Both are shocked when she falls prey to ‘sub-jealousy. Is their bond strong enough?

Professional painter Sellie gets hired to paint an outdoor mural at a mansion that harbors a private bondage club. Sellie isn’t very familiar with BDSM, but enough so to know it doesn’t float her boat. She prefers not to think about what goes on inside. Then she meets the owner of the mansion and the club. Tall, blond, overpowering. His dominance is overwhelming and infuriating—nevertheless, he sets her core alight. But however free-spirited she is, she’s not looking for a Master. Even so, the feelings he stirs in her are strong and she can’t simply walk away.

All seems to go well until a spanner is thrown into the works.Kyle has had his share of women who weren’t the right ones for him and he’s quite happy being single—until he has a run-in with a redhead in his garden who triggers all his bells. Instant dominance, lust and intrigue flow through him and he wants her more than anything.

Unfortunately, she has no interest in BDSM, and he’s found out the hard way he can’t be involved with a woman who isn’t. Yet, the attraction is too strong for him to let her walk out of his life, and when she agrees to give them and BDSM a go, he’s thrilled.J

ust when things are looking up, Sellie is overcome by the phenomenon ‘sub-jealousy’, and all they have together seems lost. Now everything hinges on the strength of their bond, Sellie’s ability to bounce back and Kyle’s perseverance.

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