Bounty Hunter (rachelaukes)

The world went down the crapper a long time ago. Now, ten years after the revolution , things are worse than ever. With no government, corrupt factions have come forth to stake claim to the territories. The bounty hunters’ guild is the closest thing to law enforcement in the lawless wastelands. But when bounty hunters become the hunted, any semblance of peace crumbles. We need a gunfighter who isn’t afraid to stand against impossible odds. The problem is that all the heroes died in the revolution… which means we’ll have to settle for “Havoc” Joe Ballast.

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Mandalorian Meet FNV

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Love the short and sweet chapters.

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Im still waiting for baby yoda to appear.

This story is iff to a good start. thanks!

C37 reminds me of RE2 with a garbage scowl. Ty.

For sone reason the screaming just repeats ober and over, no off, or something glitched.