Brainstorming Pitches

Do you need some help with your pitch for Tales?

Feel free to ask questions here and throw in your ideas to get feedback!

We’re happy to help you perfect your pitch!

(Anyone is welcome to join in on the discussions :slight_smile: )

General Info: To send Tales a pitch, you have to create an account on the website and then head for this site:

Alright, Idk how to describe my story for a pitch but i need to describe it to brainstorm … lol

Lets see.
Its a erotic/drama romance.
Multiple POVs
Mainly about the girl who we learn had an abusive relationship and the abuser is still sort of around. BUT the story isnt about a stalker abuser, its just part of her story and we learn more about it.
We also get to know the boyfriend and his issues with his family. And we get to know more people further into the story.
Not sure how much divulge without giving many spoilers.

sorry totally forgot to answer :grimacing:

Okay, so don’t shy away from giving spoilers to the Team. The pitch won’t be made public so that potential readers won’t be spoiled, but the ones that want to approve your pitch kinda need to know where your story is heading and what it makes it stands out from all the other stories that handle roughly a similar plot :slight_smile:

So for the elevator pitch, give a short and precise premise about what the reader can expect to see and what’s the twist and turns in your story :thinking:

For the real pitch, write out where you start, where it is going, the turning points/twist, how it’ll end :slight_smile:

Though that’s a rather general description, I hope someone corrects me with where I err cause I’ve not done that many pitches either, but I was at least successful with 2 out of 3 I made over the last year.