Can we create and share trailers including assets from our Tales games?

Obviously I’m mostly asking if we’re allowed to use any actual imagery (characters, backgrounds) from our completed Tales story/game in an ad or trailer outside of the app (such as YouTube, Facebook, etc) - I seem to remember something about not sharing images from the app outside of the app but my memory is terrible so if it’s an absolute no-go just let me know, but it just seems like a trailer that not only advertises a specific story/game but also the Tales app itself could be something that would be welcomed by the app? The potential to bring new readers and app users in since they have to download the app to read/play anyway. IDK, seems like a win-win but like I said if anyone can answer this just let me know. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey Kylie!

Yes, you can make videos/trailers to promote your work on Tales. And yep, you’re right, it’s also a great promotion for the Tales’ platform itself.

I think what you’ve got in mind is this part within the Terms of Service:

that only means, that you can’t take images that belong to the Tales’ platform (characters, backgrounds, etc.) and use them to make like your own story app :smiley: or say you created this, and use it as your own work.

But with the videos, you automatically say you created this on the Tales’ platform, so not infringing on this. What, of course, stays with you, is your story (unless you sold the rights to Tales via a contract stating that the IP goes over to them - if you publish independently then that is not the case :wink: )

hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Ahh yep, that’s the one! Thanks so much and this is great news! Now I’m even more excited to finish one so I can start the editing magic :star_struck:

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