Captive (MichaelGordon)

You never expected to stumble across an abandoned cabin during your corporate team-building trip, but whoever let you in…certainly doesn’t plan on letting you out. Can an attractive ranger break you free?

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Oh god, I’m stuck in a murder cabin and i love it!!!

So… ep 3 seems unpolished. 10 episodes are out and complete, though? There’s no background, it’s just black. All apostrophes are missing- you probably pasted your text wirh curly ones. And there’s no sound. I also encountered an odd choice that looks like a coding mishap.

I really want to continue this story! I love it! Please let me know when it’s fixed :sweat_smile:

I couldn’t help but continue to read… lol … I like it so much! But I found more unintentional “choices”, like this one:


  • I’m at the point where I’m about to burn the cabin down BUT I don’t like it lol… I want to preserve the evidence!

  • My theory tho is that all this an elaborate prank that the company is playing on me :laughing:

The characters really brought this one to life. Loved the interactions and betryal along the way!

is it weird that i feel validated when the killer says that he is impressed by me??


Very intriguing! Can’t wait to see what happens!

wauw that was exciting, great use of branches!

This one is so intriguing !

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Ohh I like the story. Great work author!

This betting exciting!

sounds good

I just love these “nice”, “badass” or “sarcastic badass” answers.

Up until now it’s very cool.

Awesome story. Really pulls you in so weel that you can’t put it down. Hoping to see a sequel one day.

I like it!