Captive (MichaelGordon)

You never expected to stumble across an abandoned cabin during your corporate team-building trip, but whoever let you in…certainly doesn’t plan on letting you out. Can an attractive ranger break you free?

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Oh god, I’m stuck in a murder cabin and i love it!!!

So… ep 3 seems unpolished. 10 episodes are out and complete, though? There’s no background, it’s just black. All apostrophes are missing- you probably pasted your text wirh curly ones. And there’s no sound. I also encountered an odd choice that looks like a coding mishap.

I really want to continue this story! I love it! Please let me know when it’s fixed :sweat_smile:

I couldn’t help but continue to read… lol … I like it so much! But I found more unintentional “choices”, like this one:


  • I’m at the point where I’m about to burn the cabin down BUT I don’t like it lol… I want to preserve the evidence!

  • My theory tho is that all this an elaborate prank that the company is playing on me :laughing: