Charlie Mathews is a dedicated student-athlete who made it the hard way to team A of the Tennis Team in school. She mostly spends her student-athlete days since grade school proving to herself that she can do better whether academically or in sports.
The death of her parents made a significant impact on her life. She never really wanted to survive. She wanted to die along with her parents a long time ago. After the car accident, she has been having the same dream and it seems that someone was trying to communicate with her. She decided that she had to meet the man in his dreams and as her curiosity rises, it turned out that the man in her dream was not the person she thought he was.
Having met the man in her dreams she decided to just take her own life to be free from all the guilt of surviving alone. However, waking up from the dream something unexplainable happened. She met a childhood sweetheart according to her best friend James Sims in the name of Lucas Davidson. She was immediately drawn to the guy. There was a strong force that was pulling her over to the guy.
The only problem was she had no memories of Lucas Davidson being the person James claimed him to be. Waking up from her dreams felt like it was only yesterday, only to find out that years had already passed by without her realizing it.
She was sure that there was something out of the ordinary about Lucas Davidson and in her quest to find out more about the guy, she found out a whole new world. The deeper she dives into that world; her memories were slowly coming back to her.
As her memories started to resurface one by one, the painful truth that she had to choose was if she was willing to be born again and live the life she had always wanted with her parents or to choose life with her one true love.

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- Chapter 1: THE DREAM
- Chapter 2: PRESENT TIME
- Chapter 3: 5 YEARS AGO…