Chickie Brombach (victoriamasina)

Two hapless writers, who believe they’ve accidentally killed a producer, try to blame the crime on their fictitious colleague Chickie Brombach but inadvertently make him a success.

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I absolutely enjoyed this chapter! I found myself laghing out loud at several of the scenes. Great job!

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Sweet! I hope you’ll read the rest of the comedy, the other 11 chapters, hehe…

This story is such a wild ride so far lol.

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And it’s gonna get wilder! :laughing: Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

I am so tickled by this story so far. lol! Unfortunately I am frozen at Chapter 5. Any suggestions? Has anyone else experienced this, or is my phone just crappy? lol!

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Oh, noooo :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: this is terrible. Idk what it could be, because for me, it worked. There are no issues with the code and I completely wrote it with the visual editor, so no coding by hand for that one because there are no branches. Hmm… Could you send a support ticket, perhaps, and ask them to check it out? Maybe it’s one of the fx that won’t work any longer. :pleading_face:

Such an odd little story

odd yet hilarious?