Children of Darkness (Chadobo)

Shadows lurking, hungry for what comes their way. Madness building driving away the last bit of sanity. Laughter echoes, but no one knows why. Where does it end?

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- Chapter 1: Festival of the Chosen
- Chapter 2: The Chosen
- Chapter 3: Farewell My Dear
- Chapter 4: Silent Forest
- Chapter 5: Consequences
- Chapter 6: First Life

I’m hooked! Eleventy more chapters, please.

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Great set up for what’s bound to be an interesting story. Love the story so far. Excited for more!

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Don’t know how many chapter it will be but I can see there being 100 chapters, or maybe more

Can’t wait for more

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I do apologize for the delay in getting chapter 6 out but it is out! Working on chapter 7 now. It’s a bit dead at work so I’m using it to get some writing in. And as nanowrimo is this month, I am hoping to use that to get a lot of writing completed!