Conspiracies of Contagion (Abdeslam)

When CDC virologist Dr. Alexandra Reid is recruited to investigate a strange new illness in rural Vietnam, she believes she can contain it using science alone. But the impossibly complex virus ravaging the remote village soon presents a medical mystery like no other.

As Alexandra and her allies race to uncover the disease’s dark origins before it spreads further, they are targeted by dangerous forces intent on concealing the truth. The genetic secrets locked within this lethal pathogen seem tied to a shadowy global conspiracy, one with the power to bring humanity to its knees.

Now Alexandra must evade capture and brave unthinkable risks to expose the sinister agenda behind this manufactured contagion. But powerful enemies lurk around every corner, determined to bury their deadly work forever. Alexandra will need every ounce of courage and conviction to prevent a worldwide plague engineered by twisted human minds.

In this taut sci-fi thriller, no one can escape the far-reaching consequences when corrupt power perverts science for its own ends. As the cryptic conspiracy unravels, Alexandra faces impossible choices that will reverberate through the fate of millions. The very future of humankind hangs in the balance as she fights to drag these lethal conspiracies into the light.

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